From time to time, I like to review skincare products I’ve purchased and used.  I’m not one of those bloggers constantly being sent free stuff to try, so when I give feedback on a product, it’s completely unbiased.  I’m not beholden to anyone and I’ve spent my own hard-earned money, which makes me quite demanding.  I also like to use products for a good few weeks before reviewing them, so you probably won’t find the newest skincare reviewed here.  However, you will get my absolute honest opinion.

My skincare needs are quite specific and must care for middle-aged dry, dehydrated skin; sensitive eyes; and lips that peel at the first sign of winter.  If you have a similar skin type, I hope you’ll find my reviews helpful and informative.  At the very least, perhaps they might save you some money.

I try to keep reviews simple, and to do this, I use a basic rating system based on what I look for in skincare:

  1. Is the product effective?
  2. Does it give me a lovely user experience?
  3. Does it keep my skin comfortable?

Each of these are scored from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), so you can tell at a glance how well I’ve gotten on with a product.  I’ll also let you know if I intend to repurchase.  For me, this is the ultimate measure of how good a product is.

For the last eleven years, I’ve worked in the cosmetics and skincare industry, mostly with cosmetic raw materials.  While this gives me a good understanding of ingredients and how they work, nothing beats actual product testing.  Still, if I spot a good ingredient doing what it promises, I’ll let you know.

Reviews posted every Monday!

August 4th, 2016 – update.  I’ve decided that I do not enjoy giving products less-than-favourable reviews.  Beauty is subjective, and products that don’t work for me might be brilliant for someone else, and I would feel guilty if someone didn’t try a potential winner just because I didn’t like it for myself.  So going forward, I’m changing the way I review.  I’ll only review things I can wholeheartedly recommend, and I’ll do my best to include options for a range of budgets.  I’ll leave up the old system above for anyone who wants to read older reviews.

Here’s to lots of positivity!