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What’s Your Kibbe Type?

I’m sure it was someone effortlessly stylish who said ‘fashions change, but style never does’. I imagine they were tall, thin, rich, and beautiful – and any advice they had didn’t apply to someone like me. I’m a skosh over 5’2″ and I’ve struggled with my weight since my mid-twenties.  I have tried so many ‘looks’ but until recently, I’ve never been able to determine what works best for me. This has meant a lot of wasted money on all sorts of things that didn’t suit me. The fashion and beauty industry is weird, and its nomenclature is bizarre. Am I an apple? A pear? Is my face an oval or a diamond? What colour season am I? Should I wear all black to hide my roundness? Statement jewellery? Balayage? So much to consider and all of it confusing, at least for me, but I recently discovered something that clicked everything into place and I am so sad I didn’t come across it 30 years ago – long before I spent loads money on clothes …

Gudrun Winter Picks

The Gudrun winter collection is out!  With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve not gone too crazy with the purchases, but there are three items I just couldn’t resist. At £99, the Alicia dress is little more expensive that most Gudrun dresses, but the attention to detail is exquisite.  There is beautiful cross-stitching on the bodice, and the pockets and hem are trimmed in a pretty ribbon.  It’s a great item to wear with a long-sleeved t-shirt now, and it can be paired with a warm turtleneck when the weather gets colder.  In three lovely colours.  I went for blue. I always look forward to tights season, and this season’s Cuzco tights will keeps legs warm.  They’re slightly sheer, but also quite heavy, and the pretty floral pattern looks pretty peeping out of boots or paired with contrasting-coloured dress.  They’re £22 and available in three colours. The Ocho skirt is currently £49 at the club price, and a great addition to your winter wardrobe.  It’s a wonderful, warm velour that pairs goes nicely with all sorts of pieces.  I have it in black, …

Sporty Shoes for Older Feet

I’ve mentioned before that my feet are intolerant to uncomfortable shoes.   I need good support, preferably something moulded to fit the shape of my foot, with a slight elevation at the back to keep my heels happy. I’ve been wearing Superga for about three years and couldn’t be happier with them.  They’re stylish, colourful, and I can walk for miles without a hint of discomfort.  They also come in half sizes which is a must for my four-and-a-half-sized feet. The Classic 2750 style is reasonably priced at £50, but do check the outlet section of the website for some excellent bargains.  If you prefer a leather upper (I do in colder weather), they offer these in a range of cute colours, too. For extra fun, check out the Flatforms to satisfy your inner Spice Girl.  This little dusty rose velvet number is on my Christmas wish list this year.

Patra Bamboo-Cotton Sleepwear

When you consider how much of your life is spent sleeping, it’s crazy not to have the most comfortable sleepwear available.  For me, that means nightdresses made of 100% natural materials to help keep me cool and happy at night.  I’m extremely fussy about my nightwear – I don’t like thick seams, scratchy tags, or pokey buttons annoying me when I’m trying to sleep.  I also can’t stand anything that binds around my legs, rides up, or digs into my skin when I’m turning over in my bed. In a perfect world, I’d sleep nude, but I’m imperfect, a bit modest and just can’t quite abide sleeping with nothing on, so I was delighted to come across Patra’s Bamboo-Cotton Nightdress, £39.95 , the most comfortable night gown I’ve ever owned.  The fabric is silky-soft, feather-light and imperceptible on the skin, keeping me cool and super-comfortable.  There are no irritating seams, tags, or buttons, and the lovely wide straps don’t dig into the skin.  The cut is simple and elegant, and not too long for us shorter ladies.  It’s made of a …

Handbag Storage Solution

They say admission is the first step to recovery, so I’ll just put it out there: I have a bit of a handbag addiction.  After looking for a storage solution that didn’t involve shoving them under the bed or putting them in a closet, I decided to try a hat rack.  And it’s perfect!  I can now see all of my bags which makes it easier to grab the one I want to go with my outfit for the day.  The hat rack I chose came from IKEA, and it has many hooks for handbags.