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What’s Your Kibbe Type?

I’m sure it was someone effortlessly stylish who said ‘fashions change, but style never does’. I imagine they were tall, thin, rich, and beautiful – and any advice they had didn’t apply to someone like me. I’m a skosh over 5’2″ and I’ve struggled with my weight since my mid-twenties.  I have tried so many ‘looks’ but until recently, I’ve never been able to determine what works best for me. This has meant a lot of wasted money on all sorts of things that didn’t suit me. The fashion and beauty industry is weird, and its nomenclature is bizarre. Am I an apple? A pear? Is my face an oval or a diamond? What colour season am I? Should I wear all black to hide my roundness? Statement jewellery? Balayage? So much to consider and all of it confusing, at least for me, but I recently discovered something that clicked everything into place and I am so sad I didn’t come across it 30 years ago – long before I spent loads money on clothes …

Sporty Shoes for Older Feet

I’ve mentioned before that my feet are intolerant to uncomfortable shoes.   I need good support, preferably something moulded to fit the shape of my foot, with a slight elevation at the back to keep my heels happy. I’ve been wearing Superga for about three years and couldn’t be happier with them.  They’re stylish, colourful, and I can walk for miles without a hint of discomfort.  They also come in half sizes which is a must for my four-and-a-half-sized feet. The Classic 2750 style is reasonably priced at £50, but do check the outlet section of the website for some excellent bargains.  If you prefer a leather upper (I do in colder weather), they offer these in a range of cute colours, too. For extra fun, check out the Flatforms to satisfy your inner Spice Girl.  This little dusty rose velvet number is on my Christmas wish list this year.

Hotter Autumn Picks

One caveat of having feet nearly 50 years old is that they will not tolerate uncomfortable shoes.  If I’m honest, they never have.  I cannot stand any shoes that pinch, bind, or cause me to wobble about, so trendy, spiky heels are out of the question.  I’m not quite ready for granny mules, though, so how do I reconcile fashionable-looking shoes with superb comfort?  Hotter, of course. Hotter have been making cute, comfortable shoes since the 1950s, and their experience shows.  I have several pairs that have literally lasted years.  I think they’re great value for money considering the comfort and quality, and I always try to treat myself to a new pair every other season. The first pair of Hotter shoes I bought were these Shout shoes, £75.  I’ve had them for nearly three years and they still look and feel great.  They have an extremely lightweight sole, so my feet always feel comfortable, and they look terrific with almost any casual outfit.  This season there are three colours from which to choose – black, plum and …