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Stuff I’ve Stopped Buying

Stage one of decluttering is complete! I was so tired of trying to organise and store things I was holding onto for daft reasons – the silliest being ‘I might use that one day’. If it’s been stored out of sight for more than six months, there is a good chance I’ve forgotten it, and if that’s the case, I certainly don’t need it. I do not want to get into this state again, so I thought about things I really don’t need to buy anymore. I have based this list on some of the things I’ve just removed from my precious space. Books. This is probably a shocker. I do enjoy reading, but I do not enjoy having to find a space for a book once I’ve read it, so I plan to only buy for my kindle in future. My collection of books is down to twelve and I’m almost happy with that. I can probably reduce to ten. Magazines. I actually quit buying these ages ago. I use an app called Zinio …


There comes a point in a middle aged woman’s life when she decides she needs a small dog.  I don’t know when it happened to me, but when the need hit me, it hit me hard.  I spent a bit of time researching breeds and came to the conclusion that the best match for me was a chihuahua. Then I found Nell and the rest, as they say, is history.  She’s five months old and super sweet.  We spend a lot of time together snuggling on the sofa and watching TV.  I’m looking forward to warmer weather so she and I can enjoy some walks on the beach on Bute.


Rosie, our newest rescue, might have been dog in her former life.  She begs at the dinner table, steals dog food, growls at the postman, and would rather hang out with our two dogs than any of our other cats.  She also sleeps in the dog bed.

Sowing Seeds

On Sunday, I managed to get my tomato and tomatillo seeds into the propagator.  With such a short growing season here, I have to ensure I have nearly-mature plants ready to plant out by the first of May.  So many seeds, and so many plans.  I’m even going to attempt mustard greens this season. I love this time of year.  I get all of the promise of a beautiful Spring and Summer, and none of the disappointment of the reality when it’s cold and wet from April until August.

Introducing Lola

When you have four cats, really the only thing you actually need is another cat.  This is Lola.  She’s two years old and very sweet.  For fourteen years I’ve wanted a cat who loves me best, and I think I finally have one.

So Long

After a few happy years together, the Fig and I have parted ways.  We’d not been spending as much time together, so it was decided it would go to auction and find a better owner who would actually appreciate it.  While I was sad to see it go, I knew it was time to move on.  I have a lot of fun photos and memories, and wonder if I’ll miss it.  I saw a green Figaro on Bute at the weekend and didn’t even feel a twinge of sadness.