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Testing Paint

Has it really been a month since my last update? We’re nearly to the end of our renovations, and the new extension is two weeks away from being finished. And then it’s on to the fun bit – decorating!


If cats could speak, they would have Russian or German accents. Clearly I have too much time to think about these things. (Sorry for the cat-heavy content. It’s this or snow at the moment.)

Narumi Pioneer

I bought a set of china in an antique mall in Alabama in the late 90s. The stamp on the underside of the dishes says that the china is from Narumi (Mikassa) and the pattern is Pioneer. I’ve searched for ages, but I’ve never been able to confirm this pattern ever actually existed, and I’ve never seen another piece anywhere. I’d like to start using it more often, but I’m terrified I’ll break a piece and have no hope of replacing it.

1950s Pears

An old Harry and David box of Royal Riviera Pears, except that this box contains some beautiful old Christmas ornaments that were once used as a display in the window of the old Martin Drug Store. More photos later…

Happy Pirañas

These cute little pirañas came from the Hippie Fair in Brasilia. They hang in the window of my new kitchen, and seem quite happy to be there. The tiler came today and nearly finished one wall. He hopes to be completely finished by Wednesday evening. Yay!


I don’t have a favourite room in my house, but I do have a favourite space. The light on the landing is beautiful all day, and the view from the window is spectacular. I pass through this space at least ten times a day and it always makes me happy, especially when there is a cat on the window ledge.

Starburst Clock

I won this clock at an auction a few years ago, cheap! When I finally got round to hanging it on the wall, it had stopped working completely, and clock repair shops are hard to find in this area — I’ve looked. So my lovely clock tells the correct time twice a day, but I don’t mind. I’m happy to have it.


Deep in my heart, I am a minimalist, yet something compels me to collect things I don’t need. One of my biggest weaknesses is midcentury modern pottery, specifically Metlox’s Tropicana Fish pattern. I comb Ebay weekly.


When I was a little kid, I had two favourite Christmas decorations — a red felt reindeer called Rudolph and an elf called Tommy. Tommy originally belonged to my grandparents, and they gave him to me one Christmas after I’d carried him around their house all day. Seeing Tommy every year was a thrill, but as the years passed, he began to get tatty from my attentions. Eventually, he ended up with no hat, moth-eaten clothes, and a bashed head. He now lives in a drawer in our buffet cabinet to prevent further damage. Last year while in the US, I found an exact replica of Tommy in a little antique store in my home town. There were many models of these little knee-hugger elves imported from Japan in the 50s and 60s, and finding another just like Tommy was nothing short of a miracle. I have resolved to take much better care of this one.