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It’s been an interesting Spring so far.  Save one little heat wave, the weather has been horrid – cold, wet, windy, and dull.  My secret weapon will be arriving soon, though – a shiny new greenhouse!


New ferns are popping up all over the garden. After doing some reading, I understand that people like to eat the baby tops (fiddleheads) in Spring. I’m tempted, but aside from blackberries and raspberries, I don’t tend to eat much wild food. I’m convinced I’ll end up dead or hallucinating.  

Tooth and Claw

Summer is hanging on this week. We’ve had beautiful sunshine, warm temps, and not a drop of rain. Of course, retailers are still telling me to buy things in anticipation of autumn, but I’m not paying attention. This year I’m going to need to be dragged kicking and screaming into colder weather. Last winter was horrid, and I’m simply not ready to face that again.


This week’s assignment was to look up and down for shots we might miss by not tilting our heads, and again I was hindered by bad weather. We did get a couple of partially sunny days, though, and I managed to get this photo yesterday. It’s my favourite of the lot.


One nice thing about living in Scotland is that I get to have proper seasons. Winter was certainly real this year, and as a reward for putting up with brutal cold and lots of snow, we’re getting a long, beautiful spring. The azaleas are just beginning to bloom.

Apple Blossoms

I’ve been outside with the hens today, enjoying the glorious weather. Sunshine is something you take for granted when you’re growing up southeast Alabama, but you learn to appreciate it in Scotland.