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New Hens

After a couple of false starts, we were finally able to collect three new hens yesterday. We made the decision a couple of years ago to rescue battery hens instead of keeping pure breeds, but the poor ex-batts don’t live very long, so we’ve decided to add a few hearty birds to the flock. We’ve selected a white leghorn, a minorca, and an araucana (not pictured). The first two will lay white eggs (we were gifted one today!) and the araucana will lay either a khaki green or a blue egg. It’ll be some time until we find out. She’s very young – so much so that she still makes wee chick ‘peeping’ noises. It’s quite cute. I’d hoped to get a better photo, but they’re still quite nervous and move around a lot when I approach the pen. Once they’re out free-ranging with the rest, I should be able to get a better snap.


There comes a point in a middle aged woman’s life when she decides she needs a small dog.  I don’t know when it happened to me, but when the need hit me, it hit me hard.  I spent a bit of time researching breeds and came to the conclusion that the best match for me was a chihuahua. Then I found Nell and the rest, as they say, is history.  She’s five months old and super sweet.  We spend a lot of time together snuggling on the sofa and watching TV.  I’m looking forward to warmer weather so she and I can enjoy some walks on the beach on Bute.


Rosie, our newest rescue, might have been dog in her former life.  She begs at the dinner table, steals dog food, growls at the postman, and would rather hang out with our two dogs than any of our other cats.  She also sleeps in the dog bed.

Introducing Lola

When you have four cats, really the only thing you actually need is another cat.  This is Lola.  She’s two years old and very sweet.  For fourteen years I’ve wanted a cat who loves me best, and I think I finally have one.

Meet Ted

Back in July, we lost our dog Glen. He’d been ill for some time, and while his passing wasn’t a surprise, it was sad. Our puppy Magnus was sad, too. We decided that the best way forward for all of us was to adopt another dog. So we did. This is Ted. He’s a 15 month old German Spitz and he’s lovely. He’s great with Magnus and he’s very sweet with the rest of us. We love him to bits.  

Last Puppy Class

Magnus has his last puppy class on Monday evening, but fortunately, we’re not on our own after that. The Puppy School instructor is offering some follow up classes beginning the very next week. Hopefully Magnus will not have forgotten everything he knows by then. At nearly five months old, he has the attention span of a gnat.  

Magnus, Week 4

Having a puppy is not unlike having a toddler. They put everything in their mouths, get cranky when they’re tired, run wild with energy that has no bounds, and are generally cute and loving when they want to be.