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I can actually remember the last time I used a phone box.  I was working a craft fair in Bo’ness and needed to call home.  For a long time, I resisted having a mobile phone because I thought they were intrusive and annoying.  Now, like most people, I wouldn’t be without one, so I fear the bright red phone box’s days are numbered.  This one is looking particularly ignored.

Nacreous Clouds

I awoke to what looked like a painting in the sky this morning – beautiful nacreous clouds.  They’re also called rainbow or mother of pearl clouds and occur when ice crystals form high in the stratosphere.  The ice acts as a prism when the sun hits it.  The result is breathtaking clouds right outside my window.

Late Summer

My favourite time of year. The catalogue and marketing people are keen to rush me along to autumn, and then on to Christmas, but I know better. There are still weeks of warm weather and pretty, golden light left. The days are getting a bit shorter, but that just means better sleep.