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Gudrun Christmas Picks

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Gudrun Christmas Collection, and was delighted when my catalogue arrived.  In the past, I’ve found one or two outfits to covet, but this year’s collection is full of lovely things I’d wear in or out of the Christmas season. Most of my favourites come from the Frida Kahlo collection.  The Azul dress, £69, is at the top of my list.  It’s a pretty print that will look lovely right through until spring.  In colder months, it can be worn with a long-sleeved top underneath and would look great with either tights or leggings.  Available in three colours.  I’ve gone for black. From the Folklore collection comes this gorgeous Froda tunic, £65.  With a pretty print and generous fit, this goes well over a dress.  It can also be worn with trousers, leggings, or tights.  Because it’s sleeveless, you can mix it up with different tops underneath.  It comes in both red and black.  I am looking forward to wearing this on Christmas Eve. Also from the Folklore collection is the Frojda …

Winter Garden

Our garden in winter. Unless there is an unpredicted rapid rise in temperatures, the snow will remain on the ground for Christmas. The forecast doesn’t call for more snow, so I’m unsure if this counts as a white Christmas. Does the snow actually have to fall on the day? I think not!

Posting Cards

My mission today was to mail the last of the Christmas cards. I drove into Bonnybridge to use the post box in front of the old parish church. It’s a beautiful building (built in 1878) with a stunning red door.

Nearly Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. I’ve finished with work for the year and am looking forward to a little quiet time with my family. They are a generous lot, and last year gave me many lovely gifts. The one pictured above is one of my favourites. It’s called an egg skelter, and it helps you remember to eat the older eggs first. It also makes a gorgeous display with all of the different coloured eggs.


When I was a little kid, I had two favourite Christmas decorations — a red felt reindeer called Rudolph and an elf called Tommy. Tommy originally belonged to my grandparents, and they gave him to me one Christmas after I’d carried him around their house all day. Seeing Tommy every year was a thrill, but as the years passed, he began to get tatty from my attentions. Eventually, he ended up with no hat, moth-eaten clothes, and a bashed head. He now lives in a drawer in our buffet cabinet to prevent further damage. Last year while in the US, I found an exact replica of Tommy in a little antique store in my home town. There were many models of these little knee-hugger elves imported from Japan in the 50s and 60s, and finding another just like Tommy was nothing short of a miracle. I have resolved to take much better care of this one.