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Background Noise

  Do you ever wish you had super-human hearing so you could be a better eavesdropper? In other news, I’m having a terrible time with WordPress at the moment.  It’s not getting on well with my Mac, causing it to freeze, crash, and generally misbehave.  Updating is a bit of a chore.  


I met this fellow outside of a restaurant in Edinburgh.  He was totally fearless and had no problem with my getting up close and personal with my camera.  He must not have thought I’d take away his food.

Kalpna, Edinburgh

A view from my husband’s favourite restaurant, the Kalpna in Edinburgh. The food is amazing, and the service is always good. It’s my turn to pick where we go for our date night on Sunday. Can you guess where we’ll end up?


A rare night out in Edinburgh with P. We must do this more often. We are considering getting a puppy soon. A breeder in a nearby village has some pups on the way, and if there are enough of them, there may be one for us. The birth is supposed to take place on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!  


Work has been really busy, so there hasn’t been much time for fun. I did make it over to Edinburgh with my Dad while he was here. It’s a beautiful city — even on a grey day.