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egg stand honesty box

Egg Stand Honesty Box

It’s done!  With no building or woodworking knowledge, I’ve put together a really cute little egg stand from which to sell eggs in front of my house. For the base, I used this ODDVAR stool from IKEA, but instead of fastening the base to the seat of the stool, I attached it to this hen nesting box from Ebay – no extra hardware needed. The sign came from Etsy, and the little sample pot of outdoor paint, is from B&Q. Do you think it’s visible enough? I’ve added a couple more decorative touches to try to make it look a bit more welcoming, and I have a couple of terracotta flower pots I’ll use to tart it up a bit more. I’m really chuffed with how it’s turned out, and can’t wait to see if anyone will use it. I am ready pop it out in front of the house with a few cartons of eggs, but of course, it’s started raining. Maybe tomorrow.  

Honesty and Misanthropy – A Tale of Many Hens

My hens are in overdrive and producing more eggs than we can eat. It’s too hot to bake, so I’ve decided the best way forward is to construct an honesty box for the eggs and place it in front of the house. The fact I’m even considering this is a bit of a miracle. I’m not a fan of humanity, and expect I’ll encounter dishonestly during this little exercise. The expectation doesn’t help me prepare for it. I know I’ll be furious when it occurs, yet I’m not deterred. My new egg stand needs to be small enough to move, as I don’t plan to leave it there all day or overnight, so I’m gathering materials to build something portable and lightweight. I’ve also collected a few tester pots of paint to make it look nice. The thing I’ve not settled on is a money box of some description. My initial thought was to use a little jar, but that’s probably asking to be made angry, so I’ll probably ask folk to simply drop their …

Nearly Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. I’ve finished with work for the year and am looking forward to a little quiet time with my family. They are a generous lot, and last year gave me many lovely gifts. The one pictured above is one of my favourites. It’s called an egg skelter, and it helps you remember to eat the older eggs first. It also makes a gorgeous display with all of the different coloured eggs.