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My daughter and Eli with a yoghurt pot. The relaxed atmosphere in our home will soon be shattered with the arrival of our new puppy. We’re collecting him at the weekend. It’s been years since I’d trained and looked after a pup. I’m sure it’s nothing like riding a bike.

Eli the Cat

Eli in a rare moment of calm. I love him to bits, but he’s a terrible brat – and if he’s awake, he’s usually running about the house crazy, terrorising our little Sophie cat, or knocking something off a high shelf. Nature makes cats cute for a reason.


This is my cat Eli. Eli sleeps on my feet every night, and visits me when I’m in the bath. Eli likes to eat things, the strangest being an empty popcorn bag. He can’t walk quietly like most cats on account of his huge, thumpy back feet. And he meows like a girl.