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Sowing Seeds

On Sunday, I managed to get my tomato and tomatillo seeds into the propagator.  With such a short growing season here, I have to ensure I have nearly-mature plants ready to plant out by the first of May.  So many seeds, and so many plans.  I’m even going to attempt mustard greens this season. I love this time of year.  I get all of the promise of a beautiful Spring and Summer, and none of the disappointment of the reality when it’s cold and wet from April until August.


For three years I’ve been trying to grow tomatoes, and every year I fail.  The first year I over-watered them and ended up with tasteless mush.  The second year I used a plastic greenhouse, but the weather was so horrible that nothing grew.  Last summer I bought a greenhouse which turned out to be a game changer.  I have six happy, healthy tomato plants – all threatening to give me many pieces of fruit.  I’ve also managed to grow several crops of radishes and some chili peppers.  And I have a GrowCamp full of summer squash.  


New ferns are popping up all over the garden. After doing some reading, I understand that people like to eat the baby tops (fiddleheads) in Spring. I’m tempted, but aside from blackberries and raspberries, I don’t tend to eat much wild food. I’m convinced I’ll end up dead or hallucinating.  


One nice thing about living in Scotland is that I get to have proper seasons. Winter was certainly real this year, and as a reward for putting up with brutal cold and lots of snow, we’re getting a long, beautiful spring. The azaleas are just beginning to bloom.


This little guy was kind enough to stay in one place long enough for me to snap a photo. I wasn’t so lucky with the fat, fuzzy bee who was buzzing about two flowers over.

Apple Blossoms

I’ve been outside with the hens today, enjoying the glorious weather. Sunshine is something you take for granted when you’re growing up southeast Alabama, but you learn to appreciate it in Scotland.