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Before and after the show yesterday, there was a horrendous amount of traffic in Glasgow. I was a little jealous to see how fast people were moving about over our heads as we sat in our car and seethed.


We went to Glasgow today to see Doctor Who Live. It was great! Lots of fun, but sadly photos were not allowed. I’m ashamed to admit I took this one on the fly. Seven Cybermen marching right at me? You better believe I’m getting a picture of that!

Trying to be good

Toward the end of last year, I lost two stone — and by the middle of this year, I’d put almost all of it back on again. Wah! So I’m back to being good and watching what I eat. It’s not fun, but they say that nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. My guess is that ‘they’ have never tried a proper caramel chocolate.

Glasgow Outing

On Tuesday, my lovely husband took me to Glasgow for my birthday. We had lunch at the BHS cafe (one of my favourites), and then went shopping at Princes Square. I hit the Cath Kidston sale and then tried on expensive perfume at Jo Malone. It was a perfect day.

Blue Roses

We were back in Glasgow today for some shopping. I found stroopwafels which I’ll be having with my coffee later. I also found some blue roses. I’ve never seen them before.

Glasgow Flowers

My husband and I took advantage of the glorious weekend weather and made our way into Glasgow on Saturday. While he browsed in an over-crowded and claustrophobic music shop, I hung about outside and admired the pretty flowers being sold by a street vendor. The lilies were my favourite.


This is how I feel today — a bit grey and nondescript. It was quite cold today and I’m desperate for spring. Even the daffodils are late this year.