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Glossier Lash Slick

When Glossier website went live in the UK, one look at the models told me it probably wasn’t the brand for me. Everyone looked so young and fresh-faced, so what could this company possibly offer a middle-aged woman? Well, a lot, actually! I’ve written about Glossier products in the past, and I’m still using their lipstick and concealer almost daily. Their newest offering, Lash Slick, is an instant favourite. It gives me exactly the look I want – long, lush, and healthy lashes without a hint of clumping or that weird spider-leg look. The flexible brush is brilliant, and the formula doesn’t smudge. Best of all, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. And at £14, it doesn’t break the bank.  

Skincare Favorites 2017

A bit late, but as promised, I’ve compiled a list of my most-loved skincare from 2017. It wasn’t a year of discovery for me, as I tend not to vary my skincare too much. There were a few standout products, though, and I’m happy to report, all of these are quite reasonably priced. I recently began using The Face Shop’s Rice Water Cleansing Rich Oil, and I absolutely love it. Its thin, and rather watery consistency makes it easy to spread over the face, and the blend of oils and emulsifiers means it removes makeup – even waterproof mascara – with minimal effort. I use it with a hot cloth and it always removes every speck of makeup in just a few seconds. It doesn’t strip the skin and leaves it soft, supple, and ready to receive additional skincare. Another stellar Korean skincare find was the It’s Skin Fresh Mask Sheet Blueberry. I received one of these as a free sample with an order and decided to try it while I was ill just before …

2017 Makeup Discoveries

2017 was the year I changed almost every makeup product I use. It was also the year I moved to a less ‘made up’ look, especially for daytime. I tried a lot of products, and I’m sorry to say that quite a few were duds. But there were some amazing standouts. These are the ones I discovered. New to the UK in 2017 is Glossier. They offer a great range of skincare and natural-looking makeup. Three of their products really stood out for me. I love their Cloud Paint – a cute little tube of creamy colour that works amazingly well as a blusher or eyeshadow. I also use it as a lip colour and, very occasionally, as a contour. I’ve tried all of the colours, and my favourite by a long shot is Dusk – a peachy, pinky, versatile shade. Another favourite product from Glossier is their Stretch Concealer. It is, by far, the most natural-looking under-eye concealer I’ve ever tried, but the best bit is that it does not crease! Set with a …