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Poor Little Meg

Meg had surgery on Monday morning which should help with her late-night yowling for a boyfriend. She returned home Monday afternoon wearing the cone of dignity. She hates it, and I hate it for her. I feel sad and guilty whenever I look at her.


When you bring home a new pet, you have no idea what bizarre behaviour they’re bringing along. Meg is a collector and will take anything that fits in her mouth. She’s hauled off guitar picks, pencils, and pens, but her favourite things to steal are cherry tomatoes from the kitchen counter. I have found ten of them in various places around the house this morning. Nature makes kittens cute for a reason.

Bike Inspection

In an attempt to get fit, I brought home a shiny new bike today. The towpath along the canal goes almost directly from my house to my work, so I plan to ride to work two or three times a week. New bikes need a good looking over to be sure they’re safe. Meg is on the job.


It’s cold, but at least the sun is shining, which is down to my keeping the Fig locked away for another day. Cold days are nice for snuggling, and Meg and Logan are cuddled up together. Both are expert loungers.