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Reading List

Perhaps it’s been noticed that I’ve not updated my reading list in awhile. For months, I’ve been unable to read comfortably. I’d hoped that the glasses I got back in May would help, but I was just as uncomfortable with them as without them. I visited a new optometrist a couple of weeks ago and it turned out that the prescription I had was completely wrong! I am now the proud owner of comfortable reading glasses, and last night I was able to read sixty-four pages without any trouble. Yay! I can read again.

Reading Woes

A couple of months ago, I began having problems reading, and it became apparent my once-perfect vision was in decline. A quick trip to the eye doctor confirmed my theory, and I now have two pair of reading glasses so I can begin enjoying my books again. Hopefully, the ‘on my nightstand’ section of my blog will be updated more frequently.