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Narumi Pioneer

I bought a set of china in an antique mall in Alabama in the late 90s. The stamp on the underside of the dishes says that the china is from Narumi (Mikassa) and the pattern is Pioneer. I’ve searched for ages, but I’ve never been able to confirm this pattern ever actually existed, and I’ve never seen another piece anywhere. I’d like to start using it more often, but I’m terrified I’ll break a piece and have no hope of replacing it.

1950s Pears

An old Harry and David box of Royal Riviera Pears, except that this box contains some beautiful old Christmas ornaments that were once used as a display in the window of the old Martin Drug Store. More photos later…

Starburst Clock

I won this clock at an auction a few years ago, cheap! When I finally got round to hanging it on the wall, it had stopped working completely, and clock repair shops are hard to find in this area — I’ve looked. So my lovely clock tells the correct time twice a day, but I don’t mind. I’m happy to have it.


Deep in my heart, I am a minimalist, yet something compels me to collect things I don’t need. One of my biggest weaknesses is midcentury modern pottery, specifically Metlox’s Tropicana Fish pattern. I comb Ebay weekly.