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Handbag Storage Solution

They say admission is the first step to recovery, so I’ll just put it out there: I have a bit of a handbag addiction.  After looking for a storage solution that didn’t involve shoving them under the bed or putting them in a closet, I decided to try a hat rack.  And it’s perfect!  I can now see all of my bags which makes it easier to grab the one I want to go with my outfit for the day.  The hat rack I chose came from IKEA, and it has many hooks for handbags.  

Glasgow Outing

On Tuesday, my lovely husband took me to Glasgow for my birthday. We had lunch at the BHS cafe (one of my favourites), and then went shopping at Princes Square. I hit the Cath Kidston sale and then tried on expensive perfume at Jo Malone. It was a perfect day.