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Yesterday I received my new Lumix G1 and so far I like it a lot. My new kit also contains three new lenses which also fit my Pen. Now I need temperatures above freezing so I can get out and use my new things. For now, it’s a test shot of a tormented cat.

Mysterious Plant

Yesterday was both productive and restful — my definition of a perfect day. Both hen houses are clean, and I managed to nap on the couch for a little while. Sophie managed a nap, too. She prefers dirt to a couch, though.


You may have seen her shadow, but I believe this is the first time you’ll have seen our Sophie. She’s our oldest cat — nearly eleven! She’s also our smallest, weighing in at just over five pounds. A permakitten.


Our daylight situation here is definitely improving. Today the sky was cloudless, and we had light until just after 6pm. Even the cats have noticed the difference. Sophie spent most of the day following the sun around the house.