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I have food on the brain this weekend and would gladly eat anything put in front of me. It must be my body’s last attempt to use winter as an excuse to eat, but it’d better hurry. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Yay!

Eggs from the Garden

With better weather finally here, our girls are back into full production. From the top right (first column) we have eggs from Olive, Alice, and June. The second column is courtesy of Nella and Ruby. The girls eat a lot of young grass this time of year which make the yolks orange and extra tasty.


This is how I feel today — a bit grey and nondescript. It was quite cold today and I’m desperate for spring. Even the daffodils are late this year.


Our daylight situation here is definitely improving. Today the sky was cloudless, and we had light until just after 6pm. Even the cats have noticed the difference. Sophie spent most of the day following the sun around the house.