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Winter Skin Facial Oil Recipe

It’s been very, very cold in Scotland for the last few days.  The central heating is working overtime, and the air both inside and out is harsh on the skin.  The area around my nose is red and sore.  Time for some intensive treatment. This facial oil is wonderful for dry, aggravated, red winter skin.  It’s easy to mix and bottle, and it should last a good 18 months if stored away from heat and sunlight.  Simply blend the following ingredients together and apply as needed. 1 Part Camelina Oil – This oil offers wonderful soothing properties, as well as being incredibly mild on the skin.   It’s rich in vitamin E which will help repair winter damage. 1 Part Prickly Pear Oil – This oil has unbeatable hydrating abilities.  It penetrates the skin quickly to immediately relieve dry, irritated skin.  It’s full of antioxidants which help speed up recovery. 1 Part Oat Lipid Oil – When it comes to reducing redness and irritation, oat lipid oil is hard to beat. It soothes and protects the skin with its high beta glucan content. I hope you enjoy this …


Sometimes I find it difficult to appreciate Winter.  It’s cold, dark, and the storms blowing in off the Atlantic are brutal (my shattered greenhouse will attest to that).  At the moment, daylight occurs between 8:45am and 3:45pm which means I get to see the sunrise most mornings.  This is the view from the landing window over our back garden – and it helps make this depressing time of year a little more bearable.


Yesterday I received my new Lumix G1 and so far I like it a lot. My new kit also contains three new lenses which also fit my Pen. Now I need temperatures above freezing so I can get out and use my new things. For now, it’s a test shot of a tormented cat.


We’ve had horrible weather here for the past few weeks — masses of snow and ice with sub-zero temperatures. These beauties were outside my bedroom window, but they were dwarfed in comparison to the five foot icicle that hovered over our front door for a couple of days. My lovely husband battled it with a hammer and I’m happy to report that he won.


My lovely husband bought these for me yesterday — just the thing for getting through the last weeks of winter. Can you believe Valentine’s Day is only ten days away? It’ll be Easter in no time.

More Snow?

The forecast calls for more snow, but I’m optimistic the weatherman is wrong. The temperature is hovering about 4C and we’re thawing out nicely. My daughter made this snowman back before Christmas when everyone still loved snow and thought it was great. What a difference a couple of weeks can make.