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It’s been a rough week for my business. On Tuesday, I took the decision to let my organic certification expire. Currently, I’m certified under EU standards, and it’s not clear that this would continue if the UK is no longer a member of the EU. I need these standards to export organic materials to my EU customers, but I have no idea if this will be possible by the end of the month. As my invoice for another year of certification was due this week, I had to make a decision. Not the one I wanted, but what can I do? I was supposed to let my landlord know if I’d be renewing my lease by the first of November last year which shouldn’t have been a problem as the negotiations with the EU were to have finished in October. When that deadline passed with no deal reached, my landlord generously extended my break clause to the first of February. But when that day came and went, he had no choice but to start advertising …

Burnt Out

It’s been a wild time at work.  The weeks leading up to Christmas are our busiest, and this year has proven to be no exception.  Fortunately, we have a fantastic team who are able to keep up beautifully.  I’m not one to wish time away, but I look forward to weekends these days.

Soapy Gift

Today a dear customer from Germany came to the warehouse to visit while on a trip to Scotland with her family. We had a lovely time chatting, sniffing fragrances, and taking photos. I really enjoyed my time with her, and I hope she’ll come again soon. She gave me two of her beautiful handmade soaps. I’m still debating which one to try first!