I’m not sure when it happened, but I woke up one day and was middle-aged.  I suppose I should have paid attention to the little signs leading up to this point – making funny ‘uhmph’ noises when sitting down or getting back up,  hating chart music, and waking up at 6am for no discernible reason.  It just happened, and it’s taken me completely by surprise.

While middle age can be quite fun (you don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks), it does have some drawbacks.  Finding cute clothing can be hard – especially if you’ve gained a couple of those middle-aged pounds.  Dealing with ever-changing skin can also be a challenge.  And almost all shoes now hurt my feet.

I’m learning to navigate this new stage of my life and am trying feel my best while doing it.  I like to write about what works.  Maybe you’ll find some of it useful.