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Loop, Capo, & Chorus – Mmmbop

When playing an instrument, one must let go of all snobbery, because to become proficient, you’ll need to be able to play all types of music – even some you might not normally listen to.  For the record, I’m quite happy to listen to Mmmbop.  I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. 🙂 This song builds on the two previous songs I’ve posted.  Like Hey Ya and Get Lucky, it has a four chord loop.  It also uses a capo to keep the chord shapes simple and easy to move between.  The difference between this one and the other two is that it uses a different (but simple) chord sequence for the chorus. Chords: Mmmbop Tune: Hope you enjoy this one.  I find it a joy to play.

Using a Capo & Get Lucky

A capo is one of the greatest tools assist with playing ukulele.  It allows you to play complicated chord by using easy chord shapes you already know.  If you’ve never fitted a capo to your instrument, there is a great little tutorial here.  It’s super-simple! To play this song, you’ll need to put a capo on the second fret and use the chords Am7 (Am works just as well here), C, Em and D.  Like Hey Ya (from last week), this song is a simple four-chord loop. Chords: Get Lucky Tune:

Chord Charts & Hey Ya

Had some really lovely feedback about my last ukulele post, so I’ll try to do one of these a week going forward. If you’re struggling to find basic chord illustrations, here are a couple of places to go: GCAE Chords DGBE Chords This week, I’m posting one that’s great for beginners.  The chords are very easy, and the changes between them aren’t difficult.  This one is great fun, and it’s perfect for practicing G, C, D, and Em.  The link below calls for a capo on the 1st fret – ignore that. You don’t need a capo for this song. Chords: Hey Ya Tune: Hope you enjoy this one!