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The Stains

Heading back to my favourite island (not counting the UK, of course) this weekend.  The weather is supposed to be a bit yuck, but that’s no surprise.  There is a good chance of an aurora on Saturday night.  I suspect this probability directly affects cloud cover.


I can actually remember the last time I used a phone box.  I was working a craft fair in Bo’ness and needed to call home.  For a long time, I resisted having a mobile phone because I thought they were intrusive and annoying.  Now, like most people, I wouldn’t be without one, so I fear the bright red phone box’s days are numbered.  This one is looking particularly ignored.

Ettrick Bay Gulls

The Isle of Bute might be my favourite place on earth, and Ettrick Bay is my favourite beach there.  The views of Arran are spectacular (when the clouds cooperate), and there is always wildlife about. I am looking forward to warmer weather and lots of time spent staring at the sea.