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The Saddest Chair in Sadtown

Mr C and I went to Glasgow yesterday to visit the Asian market.  We’ve both needed a fix of fresh okra for awhile now.  On the way to the shop, we passed this poor, disused chair in front of a block of tenements.  My guess is that someone used to sit in their front garden and enjoy watching the world go by.

50 Years

I’m a relative newcomer to Doctor Who as I didn’t watch it before it was relaunched a few years ago.  I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I have really enjoyed watching it with my children.  And we are all looking forward to the big anniversary special this weekend.  Here’s hoping it’s good!  


Mr C and I were in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago.  The weather was lovely that day, and everyone seemed quite happy, and my camera just missed snapping the sweet version of the Glasgow Kiss here. For those of you who aren’t local, a real Glasgow Kiss is a headbutt to the face, usually performed by a scary drunk person.

If Finally Happened to Me

I was taking pictures at an antique fair yesterday when a woman (who was one of the vendors) became a bit hostile toward me.  She mistakenly thought I was taking her picture.  She exclaimed that she’d had a stalker and didn’t want to be photographed.  I explained that I didn’t take her picture (I much prefer photographing things and not people) and moved along.  She then took it upon herself to follow me and tell me about her degree in media studies, her stalker, and the fact that it was against the rules to take photographs in the building.  She said there were women and children in other parts of the building who were participating in sporting events, and insinuated I was some sort of creep for having my camera out. I was polite, but horrified, and moved away from her as quickly as possible.  But the whole ordeal has made me feel uncomfortable about taking pictures in public places.  I know I’m well within my rights to do so, but having had someone cause …

Tapas Bar

In an effort to get out and have more of a life, my husband and I have been going out on Sunday Date Nights. We take turns deciding where to go, and last night he chose a really good tapas bar in Glasgow. As usual, I ate entirely too much. Hopefully an extra couple of dog walks this week will prevent further middle age spread.