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Poultry Drama

On Monday, one of our lovely hens tried to crow. She’d had a red face, wattles, and comb for some time, but hadn’t laid any eggs. Yesterday morning, we spotted the beginnings of spurs on her legs. After a quick trip to a breeder nearby, our fears were confirmed — our beautiful buff Orpington hen is a cockerel. The breeder was really nice and took Penny as he doesn’t have neighbours who’d be disturbed by crowing. Penny now lives with lots of pretty chickens and bantams, including the little guy in the photo. We brought home two Isa hens to try to fill the flock out a bit. One of them laid an egg this morning. Hurrah!


Meet Violet, aka ‘Violent’, ‘The Poo Poo’, ‘Meanie’, and ‘Bossy Butt’. She’s a Dutch partridge bantam and the smallest girl in our flock. She’s also the fiercest little bird you’ll ever meet. Next to June, Violet is commander in chief. She keeps the other hens and bantams in line by chasing, biting, and pulling their feathers. Even birds five times her size won’t challenge her authority. Not bad for a fourteen ounce bantam.


Sam is a silver duck-winged Welsummer. She came to us with that wonky toe. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all, and she gets around just fine. Sam lays beautiful terracotta-coloured eggs. She’s a lovely little bird.

June Jumps

There is nothing tastier than a freshly-plucked leaf from an elderberry tree, and it’s even nicer if you pick it yourself. June the Light Sussex hen will jump again and again for her favourite treat. She’s nearly ready for a place in the WNBA.

Feeling Better

It’s been a tough few days, but we’re gradually getting back to normal. I miss my girls a lot, but at least the horrid raw feeling is gone. Two hens survived the attack. June was untouched. Olive was badly shaken, but she’s doing much better. She’s been laying, too, which is an excellent sign. We have six new chicks who are settling in nicely. I’ll get some pictures of them soon.

Someone’s at the Door

We often hear knocking at the back door as the hens love to peck at the glass. I’m not sure if they can see their reflection or if they’re trying to say hello to the cats who are often lounging at the back of the house. From left to right: Ruby, Nella, and Olive. June is at the back.

This handsome fellow lives at the animal park in a nearby village. He’s a Scots Dumpy rooster, and he was quite happy to take the dandelion leaves I picked for him and his many girlfriends. Scots Dumpies are beautiful birds. They have short little legs so they waddle like ducks when they walk.

Sweetness and Light

Chicks in their incubator. Aren’t they cute? It’s amazing these fluffy little balls of sweetness can grow into the shrieking harpy hen currently guarding eggs in our nest box. She bit me again today!