I had high hopes for this product.   Sunday Riley makes one of favourite skincare products ever, and the reviews of her new night oil with retinol were favourable.  It’s expensive, as most of her products are, but it does contain blue tansy, chia seed oil, and blackberry seed oil – none of which are cheap.

I’ve used Luna Sleeping Night Oil for just over five months, and am sorry to say that I don’t see any difference in my skin.  That said, I have tried other sleeping oils and can say exactly the same about them.  I’m a huge fan of facial oils, but the overnight variety doesn’t seem to have any effect for me, which probably says more about me than it does the products.

If you’re keen on a sleeping oil, I’d recommend trying an inexpensive one first, just to be sure this type of product agrees with your skin.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll probably get a huge benefit from Luna.  Sadly, I just didn’t.

Effectiveness: 1 – it did nothing for me.

User Experience: 3 – a lot has been said about the smell of this product, but I didn’t find it offensive.  I’d describe it as a sort of earthy-grassy scent.  Odd for skincare, but not unpleasant.

Comfort: 5 – it’s a lovely rich oil that is wonderful for massaging the face.

Repurchase: No.  I can’t justify the cost when seeing so little benefit.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil, £85

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4 replies on “Luna Sleeping Night Oil

      1. I agree! It happens with me as well, when I find something that people rave about but just doesn’t work for me. Makes me feel like there is something wrong with me lol!


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