As a new recruit to Yes, I’m flabbergasted by the number of people on the other side who accuse all indy supporters of ‘hating the English’. This is ludicrous. I don’t hate the English and I don’t hate England. What I hate is Westminster’s callous incompetence, and I think that Scotland would be better off governing itself. That’s all there is to it.

For me, the independence campaign has nothing to do with hate, or nationalism, or some kind of ‘Braveheart mentality’. It comes down to the firm belief that the UK is a sinking ship unwilling to save itself, while Scotland tries its hardest to provide lifeboats for everyone. Yes, a lifeboat might not be as stable as a large ship, but that large ship is useless if it’s under water with no prospect of sailing again.

I don’t think independence will be easy, but I know sticking with a failed state is a bad idea. We are in for a difficult road no matter what happens. Having watched the UK government flail while the Scottish government has got on with producing papers, proposals, and actual solutions to the Brexit madness, I have to say my confidence lies north of the border.

While I’m fully on board with Scottish Independence, I’ll continue to fight Brexit. I know many indy supporters feel exactly the same. We don’t want to see our neighbours suffer and we really want to help. I invite them to join us in our lifeboats, and I’ve seen plenty of indy supporters doing the same.

I’d argue this is the opposite of hate.


Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

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