I’m off sugar at the moment. I say ‘at the moment’ because I’ve done this several times over the years but I’ve never managed to make it stick. I’m an addict. And as someone who successfully quit smoking cold turkey after two tries, that’s saying something. Sugar is impossible. I can’t stay away.

Part of the problem is the enjoyment, and not just the eating. I love to bake, and most of the things I enjoy making contain sugar. Another issue is the prevalence of sugar in surprising places. It’s in just about everything – including products that don’t need sugar like store-bought bread, pasta sauce, and tinned soup. Having to read labels constantly is a pain, and it becomes tiresome after awhile.

I know I’m better off without it, but I get bored trying to avoiding it. My thoughts turn from eating better in the hope of having a long, healthy life to eating what I want and enjoying the life I have – whatever it may be. It’s quite the seesaw, and I’ve been on it most of my adult life. I’ve no doubt I’ll be baking and eating cookies before Christmas. And I’ll be back on the avoiding-sugar wagon by New Year.


Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

2 replies on “The Sugar Seesaw

  1. Have you tried coconut sugar, Elizabeth?
    Doesn’t have the nasties of regular refined sugar and it’s usually organic.
    Keeps you away from artificial sweeteners too which are often laced with chemicals.


    1. I have, but didn’t care for it. We use it to mask the taste of arthritis medicine for our elderly cat. I can’t stand artificial sweeteners, either. They taste wrong to me. My only hope is abstinence. Moderation doesn’t work. 😦


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