When lockdown caused a long delay in my being able to obtain the box hair dye I like, I decided to let my hair go grey. It seemed like the perfect time as I wasn’t going out and I wouldn’t be seeing anyone. I was also really fed up with the expense and the process of colouring my hair. Faffing about with dye is a pain – it’s messy, it stains anything it touches, and the cost of the dye and special colour-care products adds up. As I’m beginning a parsimonious journey, I decided it was time to embrace my natural colour.

I searched the internet for blogs and videos from women who’d decided to stop dying their hair, and I found there were basically three ways to go. The quickest is the buzz cut where you literally shave your head and let your hair grow back in naturally. As we were in lockdown, I found this method tempting, but I didn’t have the guts to do it. Other ladies simply let their hair grow out while keeping their favourite cut and style. I knew instantly that I wasn’t patient enough for this method as it can take years and that line of demarkation between my natural hair and the dyed hair would bother me every time I saw it. So I went for the third option – a cropped pixie cut.

My hair had been growing for about three months by the time I started cutting it, so I had a good bit of natural growth to work with. Every couple of weeks I clipped a bit more of the coloured hair off, and I’m happy to say it’s nearly gone. There’s maybe a half a centimetre to go, and I’ll let the hairdresser take care of that once I feel brave enough to let a professional see what I’ve done to my hair. My cut is functional, but not that pretty. The colour, though, is great. I doubt I’ll ever colour my hair again.

Posted by:elizabeth

Trying to do better.

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