Despair might seem like the most natural – possibly only – response to the conveyer belt of crises coming at us all. So much so that it’s easy to forget one simple fact: Collectively, we have a lot more power than those in Westminster understand.

There are steps we can take right now to – to borrow a phrase – take back control. With a bit of discipline and commitment these steps could, if followed up by enough of us, quickly remind Boris Johnson and his handlers who’s really in charge.

I won’t lay out the horrific errors, missteps, and ineptitude of the UK government over the past few months – if you’ve read this far, I’ll assume your views sit somewhere to the left of Fucking Insane Tory British Nationalist and you understand all that’s gone wrong. It’s harder now to keep up with the death toll as the government is doing what it can to hide it, but we do know the UK has the highest death rate in the world. With that in mind, it’s not a jump to say it’s unlikely the government has the first clue about what they’re doing with Brexit. Consider their mishandling of Coronavirus a dry run.

Boris is PM, he’s installed Brexiter simpletons in every cabinet post, a libertarian lunatic is running the nation (into the ground) behind the scenes, and an ignorant lot of voters have given the Tories a thumping majority. They’re going to ram through the worst-imaginable Brexit in less than six months. Never forget, though: Some things just aren’t up to them.

It may take some sacrifice and discipline, but we can catch them off guard and throw a few wrenches in their plans. It’s time to go onto war footing and adopt some wartime practices the jingoists love to talk about.

The system the opposition depend on – wild-west, free-market capitalism – is a system in terminal decline, and there’s plenty we can do to speed up its inevitable demise, and in turn, wreck their Brexit.

Are you worried about unlabelled chlorinated chicken and hormone-laden beef? The simple solution is to stop eating meat. Don’t touch it. I’ll not bore you here with the benefits of a plant-based diet, but I’ve seen first-hand the difference it makes. In addition, reducing the UK’s overall consumption of meat will have a knock-on effect when it comes to trade deals with countries with low animal welfare. Reduce the amount of low quality meat we’ll buy, and we lower the terms the government will get. No victory for factory farming (and a massive victory for your health).

Stop frivolous spending. Outside of a few things like food and children’s clothing, every pound you spend nets 20p for the government to spend on making your life worse. I’ve been as guilty of frivolous spending as anyone, but I’m determined now to withhold as much of my money as I can. The economy is in tatters and they’re relying on you to bail them out now so they don’t get the blame in January when Brexit really bites. Let’s ensure the coffers are low when they need money for their next three-word propaganda campaign.

Support the like-minded. When you do spend, choose to spend with companies with good values. Avoid businesses like Tate and Lyle, Warburtons, Next and Dyson, which, all supported Brexit. Wetherspoons, Sports Direct, and several airlines tried to screw over their employees under the cover of Covid-19. They’re actively working to make your life worse. Why reward them with your money? Likewise, many fast fashion brands have exploited workers and supply chains during the coronavirus crisis. Instead, spend with local businesses – small greengrocers, your corner shop, and vintage clothing sellers.

Try to follow as many of these steps as you can manage, and you’ll be taking power back from people who don’t deserve it and can’t be trusted with it. Persuade enough people to do likewise, and you could quickly see real, lasting change. It’s up to you.

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Trying to do better.

6 replies on “Stop Funding Madness

  1. Just as I was looking for some inspiration, along comes our Beth with a barrowfull!
    Thanks! I’ve had just this sort of idea on my mind too. We need to promote this kind of grass roots strategy as much as possible.
    I already tend to do my business with small local suppliers and increasingly do so. Apart from a bit of fish, I’ve been switched to a plant-based diet for two months now and have definitely lost some weight too.
    At this point I’ll put in a shameless plug for Loch Arthur Farm ship and Chain Bridge Honey Farm as the kind of businesses I’m supporting for my bulk buys. A few small local places too that get my business.
    I just need a reliable local source for organic bread and I’m sorted.


    1. Aw, thanks! It’s time to step off of the corporate treadmill. Doing so takes power away from the bad guys.

      How are you feeling after going mostly plant-based? I found it gave me as much of a mental boost as a physical one. There is a lightness that’s difficult to describe.

      Do your favourite shops deliver? I’m considering doing a little post on businesses I like to support.

      I’ll have a think about organic bread makers. You can always make your own. 😉

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      1. I think I’m feeling better from going plant-based, Beth.
        I have a few external stressors in my life at the moment in relation to getting my house ready for the market on top of all the other stuff which might be masking the real feelgood aspect but I certainly don’t need new clothes for a while, given old stuff fits again!


      2. There is so much ambient stress right now, I could not imagine trying to sell a house and relocate.

        Congratulations on your move to a plant-based diet. I’ve founded it properly life changing.

        If you need help scoping out houses in Scotland, please let me know.

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      3. Thanks Beth. I’ll keep it in mind. I’m lucky in the sense that I’ll have a friend’s place as a ‘halfway house’ if I need it for a couple of weeks which will help, but I have a title transfer issue left over from my marriage to resolve though I think the only complication there is time.

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